AOS Kit, Anodized Black - ND Miata

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Color: Red
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Ensure the intake system remains oil-free with the Verus Engineering air-oil separator. Oil in the system reduces octane, which can lead to detonation, reduction in power, and carbon build-up on the intake valves.  We utilize four, 5 micron, coalescent filters, one on each inlet and outlet, baffling, and stainless mesh to ensure unprecedented air filtration of the crankcase air.

The units ship with an easy to use drain valve and are fully assembled and pressure tested before leaving.

Note: The install requires the removal of the sound tube; if you have one.


  • Assembled AOS

    • 4 Coalescent Filters

    • Internal Baffling

    • Stainless Mesh

    • Drain Petcock

  • Bracket

  • 3/8" Rubber Hose

  • Stainless Hose Clamp (8)

  • Hardware Bag, Includes All Necessary Parts for Install

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