Fuel Starvation Flapper - GT86 and WRX

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The FRS, BRZ, GT86, and WRX all suffer from fuel starvation on long, high-g, left-hand turns on and off track.

We derived a simple and effective fix to this fuel starvation issue by designing a purpose-built door that allows fuel in and keeps it from going back out during left turns.

Supplied with a Viton O-ring and corrosion-resistant materials, this is perfect for any vehicle running ethanol as well as pump fuel. Stop worrying about topping off your car before every outing and enjoy your track day!

Note: This is not a replacement for a surge tank and will not allow you to run the tank dry. This is a solution to fix the fuel basket from draining during left-hand turns and will allow end-users to run less fuel before fuel starvation will occur.

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