Rear Diffuser Kit - Porsche 981 Cayman

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Rear diffusers are extremely efficient downforce producing devices when designed properly. We set out to produce a functional rear diffuser for the Porsche 981 GT4 using state of the art R&D processes. The assembly blends function and form utilizing carbon fiber, sheet metal, and hard rubber.

Utilizing scan data, CAD, and ANSYS Fluent analysis software; we were able to design and produce a functional and aesthetically pleasing rear diffuser for this Porsche chassis.

The three main diffuser planes are produced from 2x2 twill, autoclave cured, carbon fiber; while the strakes are manufactured from durable polyurethane for longevity.  

The entire unit bolts to chassis locations through multiple sheet metal brackets.  There is absolutely no drilling or fabrication required for installing this rear diffuser.

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